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Prices and services can vary from clinic to clinic.  Please check with individual clinics for details.

Your session time includes assessment and discussion of your condition, including health questions, massage time, and demonstrations of self-care.

  • Senior's rate is 15% off massage and hydrotherapy treatments and applies to 65 years and older. (Only available at some clinics)
  • Student's rate is 15% off massage and hydrotherapy treatments. (Only available at some clinics)
  • Each clinic sets the days on which the discount may be applied at their location.

Massage Therapy

All full body treatments require a minimum of 60 minutes. We recommend that first time clients or clients with a new injury or condition schedule a minimum of 45 minutes.
30 Minutes $70
45 Minutes $90
60 Minutes $115
75 Minutes $135
90 Minutes $160
120 Minutes $215

Hot Stone Massage

Only available at some locations. Please ask at reception.
45 Minutes $115
60 Minutes $140
75 Minutes $165
90 Minutes $185


All Hydrotherapy treatments are covered under extended healthcare benefits if you are covered for Massage Therapy. (Available at the Spadina clinic only)
Bath 20 Min $50
Underwater Massage 20 Min $70
Underwater Massage 30 Min $95

Hydrotherapy & Massage Packages

Massage plus 20 minutes of Underwater Treatment. (Spadina clinic only). Packages are available. Please ask at reception.
50 Minutes $112
65 Minutes $135
80 Minutes $156
95 Minutes $170

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