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Richmond Hill

A Franchise Clinic, owned and operated by LDC Massage Therapist Inc.

A franchise clinic is independently owned and operated. All decisions regarding therapists, treatments and pricing, etc. are the responsibility of the franchisee.

20 Vogell Road, Unit B

Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K4




9AM – 8PM


9AM – 5PM


Public parking facilities are located in the plaza of the clinic.


VIVA bus from Don Mills station


Meet our team of skilled practitioners.

Lester Chow

Anna (Yuan) Gao

Tian Jing (Tina) Jiang

DoHyun (DH) Kim

Stephen Kwan

Benedict King Leung Wong

Wan Kui (Ella) Liang

Jen (Qi Ting) Liu

Lisa Marie Pinto

William Quach

Kevin Quintos

Ashley Stainton

Lie (Terry) Wang

Stephanie (Ruotong) Wang

Winnie (Hong) Wu

Shin Xu

Independent Practitioners

Independent Practitioners are tenants in the LDC Massage Therapist Inc. clinic space and are not affiliated with the clinic.
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Dr. Teddy Kim

B.Sc (Hon), Acu, DC. Titleist Performance Institute Level 1

[416] 613-9107

TEMPORARY CLINIC CLOSURES due to COVID-19 pandemic until we are notified by the Province of Ontario and/or the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) that re-opening is confirmed and appropriate. Please call the clinic for updates.