Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injury, (RSI) develops slowly and can affect many parts of the body. Symptoms include aching, tenderness, swelling, pain, cracking, tingling, numbness, loss of-strength, loss of joint movement and diminishing co-ordination of the injured area. The Following guidelines will help prevent RS1 while working at your computer:

Right-angle rule
∗ Feet flat on the floor
∗ Calves perpendicular to the floor
∗ Thighs parallel to the floor
∗ Forearms parallel to the floor
∗ Wrists should be straight

The Chair
* Tilt the seat to get thighs higher than knees.
* Your back should make contact with chair back.
* Chair back tilted no more than 10 degrees.
* Adjust the seat 50 that thighs rest on the seat and Feet firmly on the floor.
* If you have to be higher to get in the right relationship to the desk or the keyboard, use a footrest.

Computer monitor placement
∗ 4-6 to 51 cm away from your eyes
∗ 15 to 30 degrees below your straight-ahead line of sight.

Ask yourself: Are you comfortable throughout the day’s works If It reels good and you tend not to shirt trying to get comfortable, then you are probably at less risk of injury.

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