Massage Therapy

These prices are charged by corporate clinics.  Franchisees may choose to charge the same price or set their own prices.  Please check franchise clinic pages for pricing or contact the individual franchise clinics to ask about their pricing.

All full body treatments require a minimum of 60 minutes. We recommend that first time clients or clients with a new injury or condition schedule a minimum of 45 minutes.

30 Minutes $48
45 minutes $66
60 minutes $87
75 minutes $102
90 minutes $120


All Hydrotherapy treatments are covered under extended healthcare benefits if you are covered for Massage Therapy. (Available at the Spadina clinic only)

Underwater Massage $56 20 Minutes
Underwater Massage $77 30 Minutes
Therapeutic Bath $38 20 minutes
Arm Bath $23 15 minutes
Foot Bath $23 15 minutes

Hydrotherapy & Massage Packages

Massage plus 20 minutes of Underwater Treatment. (Spadina clinic only)

50 Minutes $98.80
65 Minutes $115.90
80 minutes $143.00
95 minutes $150.10
110 minutes $167.20

Hot Stone Massage

45 Minutes $85
60 Minutes $108
75 minutes $125
90 minutes $141

All prices are subject to HST

Included in your session

Your session time includes assessment and discussion of your condition, including health questions, massage time, and demonstrations of self-care.

Senior's rate

Senior's rate is 15% off massage and hydrotherapy treatments and applies to 65 years and older. Each clinic sets the days on which the discount may be applied at their location. Click on the clinic page for details.